Mick Blake

Mick Blake is a singer/song-writer based in County Leitrim. His songs have a strong social message. He has received plaudits from many singer-songwriters including Christy Moore and Paul Brady.  Christy Moore has included “Oblivious” on his new album, “Lily”, due for release on May 20th.

He recently performed at the Rising Centenary concert with Christy Moore and Damian Dempsey in Liberty Hall on Easter Saturday, March 26th.

The links on the left are to his songs/videos, with an insight into the inspiration and creative process behind each song.


7 thoughts on “Mick Blake”

  1. Just spent the last few hours listening to your wonderful music and heartfelt lyrics. Well done and keep motoring. I missed you in Liberty hall and I heard it was a great night. Let me know if you are Dublin again and I will be there to see you live. Peace, love and happiness.

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  2. You are fantastic, I heard you in kilty saturday night….The hairs were standing on the back of my neck…your songs your voice your passion…you are just brilliant


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