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                                      Liberty Hall, Easter Saturday, 2016

“I have been looking forward to this album for the last 2 years – Mick Blake is a true modern day bard.

He gave me permission to record his song “Oblivious” on my 2016 album “Lily”. It has become a much admired song in current concerts.

I have high regard for Mick’s process and work ethic – he chooses his topics carefully, then researches them thoroughly.

The result is this important collection of songs which I do not hesitate to recommend to you.”  Christy Moore, January 2017

This is an album of ten songs written over the past 5 years, and recorded and produced by Ray Duffy in the Glen’s Centre, Manorhamilton, County Leitrim.

The songs are mainly inspired by events in post-celtic tiger Ireland. I have always tried to get a message across in every song I write – I take the approach that if some-one chooses to give up a few minutes to listen to your work, give them something to think about. I immerse myself in the subject matter of a song once the inital idea occurs to me – because of this, many of the songs took several months to write, often with an elusive word or phrase eventually falling into place when I least expect it.

When I began writing them, I had no idea that the rough recordings and accompanying videos thrown together in my spare bedroom would meet with such a response, with several million views on social media. I’ve finally gotten around to getting them recorded and mastered professionally, and I’m delighted with the result.

Christy Moore (who recorded the title track “Oblivious” for his 2016 album “Lily”) has written the sleeve notes, and Kim Haughton has kindly given me permission to use her iconic photograph for the album cover.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the past few years, and for sharing my songs on social media.

28 thoughts on “”

  1. Hi Mick, I am fan of your music since I discovered “Leitrim” on the internet so I’d also love to have it signed by you, if you don’t mind. Greetings from Germany, Michael


  2. Great tunes Mick. Loved Oblivious on Christy Moore album and chuffed it led me to you. Just ordered 2 discs, one for me and one to be shipped to Rory in Hawick. If you can put a nice message in for Rory when you send it that would be appreciated. Something like: “A day out of Leitrim is a day wasted” .. it’s what they say about Hawick … in Hawick. Cheers Stevie

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  3. Hi Mick. Patrick Doherty here in Letterkenny. I would love to have a CD. Can you put me on the list and let me know how to pay for it. Many thanks and I hope you sell millions of C.D’s as you deserve to have huge success with these powerful and meaningful and beautiful songs


    1. Thanks a million Patrick – there will be a few cds floating round Letterkenny after the 17th March – having the first launch in the Balor in Ballybofey on April 8th.


  4. Love the songs. I look over lough macnean and Corranmore I can’t wait to have the pride of Corranmore blasting out around Tullyrossmearn. Best of luck. Perhaps you can sign it too?


      1. Thanks Mick
        Just ordered on Gaby’s paypal account.
        Looking forward to it.
        Let us know if you decide to tour down under.
        I’ll try to get someone to video “Rich Mans Feast” and post it next time I sing it.
        Not as good as the original but its getting played on the other side of the world nonetheless!
        Your music is going GLOBAL!!
        Cheers and beers


  5. By the way, played “Rich Man’s Feast” at a session in Sydney last night. Always goes down well!! Thanks for the music


  6. stevie sent me this album from you. after a couple of listens it was great. now after a couple more it is truly wonderful mick.
    i will now be ordering a couple for my pals, all the best and keep up the good work.many thanks.


  7. hi mick,
    i gather you were on highland radio,is that available on the net aywhere? also any word on the cds i ordered so i can tell the recipients they are coming ta.

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    1. Hi Rory – sorry – just seeing your message now – posted those the day after you ordered them so they should have them – let me know if they didn’t get them and I’ll resend them.

      Regarding Highland Radio, I don’t think they have podcasts, but there are a few clips on my fb page -https://www.facebook.com/www.mickblake.ie/


  8. Thanks mick.
    My pals are delighted with the cds.
    We are organising a music festival in hawick in the scottish borders 4-6 august. Is there any prospect of booking you to play over here?


    1. Thanks Eamonn – no plans at the minute – had a few gigs over the summer in Donegal and Leitrim, but haven’t gone much further afield yet – concentrating on writing during the Winter months – unfortunately there’s an awful lot of material out there, all the best, Mick


    1. Thanks Anne Marie – nothing planned in the immediate future – working on writing a few more songs at the minute. Will let you know when I have another concert arranged, all the best, Mick


  9. A chara Mick
    I just discovered this website-not computer litrete- I discovered your music some years ago and admire your work. I think your music should reach a bigger audence. You say what needs to be said without vulgar terminology which some older people find offensive. keep up the good work. I do not use eletronic money is there any way I can buy your albums with cash ?
    Joseph P Dunne


  10. Hi Mick. Just ordered your CD there. Be grateful if you could sign it for me. Nice to meet you on the way back from Crete. Best regards to Mary. Chatting to her made the journey a pleasure. Liam (aka Volpath).


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